Long list surprise

Looking at the Stockholm Writer’s Festival ‘First Five Pages’ prize, it was quite a surprise to see my novel in progress ‘Summer’s Shadow’ (working title was Saving Summer) was long listed last year under the Si-fi/Fantasy section!

A big thank you to the judges! I hope to visit your festival soon.


New YA novel long listed for Mslexia competition

A big thank you to Mslexia for long listing the draft of my new novel ‘Summer’s Shadow’ in their YA/Children’s Novel Writing competition.

Summer’s Shadow is the first book in an epic fantasy series for the YA market.

Sprawling family trees of old Royal households, wars lost and won, an ancient prophecy, a despotic ruler and a country in turmoil are all somehow connected to one naive girl who is thrown suddenly into a desperate battle to save her country from destruction.

I hope to have more news on the series soon!

Differdange Book fair 2022

Lovely to be invited once again to Differdange for their annual bookfair.
Thank you to everyone who joined my workshop and reading.

Differdange Bookfair 2023

Differdange Bookfair 2023

Differdange Bookfair 2023

Differdange Bookfair 2023

DIfferdange Book fair 2021

Lovely to host Julia Summerland’s lecture on her book series ‘Love in the Times of Coronavirus’ at the Differdange Book Fair.