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Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels


Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels

Ali's news

November 2022 - Come and join me for a poetry workshop - details here

October 2022 - Lovely to hold a creative writing workshop at the 2022 Differdange Bookfair

September 2022 - Enjoying two weeks avid writing at Studio Faire, a wonderful artists' retreat in France.

March 2022 - Thrilled to hear my short story 'Nothing Happens Until Something Moves' has won the London Independent Story Prize.

December 2021 - A big thank you to harana poetry for publishing my poem 'To the humble potato'. You can read my poem here

October 2021 - Lovely to host Julia Summerland's lecture on her book series 'Love in the Times of Coronavirus' at the Differdange Book Fair. You can see the photos here.

September 2021 - Wonderful to be invited to read at Luxembourg City's Open-Air Festival and to see the city coming back to life. You can see the photos here

September 2020 - Ali Seegar was at the Cite Bibliotheque in Luxembourg City reading from Tommy Turner's Battle for Yorintown, you can view the video here

July 2020 - Ali Seegar was at the Cite Bibliotheque in Luxembourg City reading from Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels, you can view the video here

February 2020 - Tommy Turner's Battle for Yorintown awarded a Red Ribbon Winner Award! 

20 February 2020 - Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels has been chosen as a finalist for the 2019 Wishing Shelf Book Awards!

16 July 2019 - Delighted to read that Battle for Yorintown has made a little girl happy! Pure Nourish

12 July 2019 - A lovely review from 'The Mad House of Cats and Babies' for Battle for Yorintown.

10 July 2019 - Lifestyle blogger PlutoniumSox features my TommyTurner books in her book recommendations for July, alongside HarryPotter and Cressida Cowell no less... thank you!

1 July 2019 - Thank you to Female First for asking me about how I include sensitive topics into my writing. You can read the article here

25 June 2019 - So excited to learn my flash fiction "Second Tsunamis" has been accepted for publication at Notebook Publishing for their upcoming Twitter Writing Community book! 

19 June 2019 - A big thank you to the All English Bookstore for hosting my pre-launch book reading and signing event.

Ali Seegar has spent most of her career writing professionally for other people. "Tommy Turner’s Tremendous Travels" was her first children’s novel.

During childhood, her days were mostly taken up with fantastical daydreams of other worlds—when not off on an adventure herself into the rural Kentish landscape she grew up in. Now, she is bringing some of these tales to life; looked at through the eyes of Tommy Turner, a boy who finds he is an unlikely hero.

Ali's second book in the Tommy Turner series "Tommy Turner's Battle for Yorintown" was published in July 2019. The book is partly set in Mexico where Ali spent a year in her late teens and became fascinated by Maya history and pyramids. She is currently working on the third book in the series.

Ali recently completed the Undergraduate Diploma in  Creative Writing at the University of Oxford, graduating with distinction.


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