Tommy Turner

Tommy Turner’s
Tremendous Travels

The wishing shelf book awards 2019 FINALIST
Ali Seegar, Tommy Turner's Tremendous Travels

First published 2016
ISBN (print) 978-99959-965-0-5
ISBN (ePub) 978-99959-965-1-2
Illustrations by Patrick Hawkins
© Ali Seegar
Imprint A. K. Kingsbury

Tommy Turner’s parents have messed up his life big time; new house, new school, not to mention the Higgins Twins’ threats. Then again, if that hadn’t happened he would never have met Mr Petrovsky and been propelled into a time-travelling, adventure-chasing double life. Now, by day, he’s a normal, messed-up kid but his nights are spent visiting aliens, fighting mythical creatures. Even winning the World Cup!

But can he learn to win at school, too? And, when Mr Petrovsky tells Tommy about his childhood escape from Russia, will he have the courage to become a real hero?

A stunning debut of adventure and misadventure from the Tommy Turner middle-grade fiction series.

Tommy Turner’s
Battle For Yorintown

Ali Seegar, Tommy Turner's Battle For Yorintown

First published 2019
ISBN (print) 978-99959-965-5-0
ISBN (ePub) 978-99959-965-4-3
Illustrations by Patrick Hawkins
© Ali Seegar
Imprint A. K. Kingsbury

It’s true Tommy Turner wanted another adventure but he never expected to be sucked headfirst into a bottle. Or to discover, of all the people in the entire universe, only he can save an alien planet from dying.

And he certainly didn’t mean to accidentally time-travel with Uncle Harry and Digby to the great Maya city of Pakatoka, where they must first save themselves before they can find the pyramid with the secret chamber.

But the fact is, when you’re a time-traveller anything can happen…

A heart-warming, thrilling race-against-time story from the Tommy Turner adventure series.

Eleven facts about Tommy Turner

His favourite supper is bangers and mash.

He has travelled more than 1,000 years into the future...

...and 2,000 years back to the Classic Maya period!

Pegasus is the first horse he has ridden... and flown, of course.

He thinks bat poo is almost as pongy as an Anjulong's armpit, and...

...time wrap pain is about the worse feeling, ever!

He's seriously better at football than Digby.

...Like, way, better!

His sister, Sally is the most annoying person he knows... but she's still his sister...

Uncle Harry, however, is the coolest uncle anyone could wish for.

He hopes Earth can sort out its enviornmental problems like Yorintown has.

Next time Tommy goes on an adventure, he hopes you can join him, too!

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